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Emerging Geoscience Scholars Program

The Geoscience behind Resilient Infrastructure Careers: Unlocking the Intrinsic Value of Diverse Communities 

AGU Annual Conference - New Orleans - Dec. 13 to 17, 2021

About the Program

The Emerging Geoscience Scholars Program (now the ASU FLAGSHIP - Future Leaders and Geoscience High-road Internship Program) aims to increase our capacity for a resilient and sustainable infrastructure and advance climate justice, by ensuring that the geoscience and the wider infrastructure workforce of the future adopts values and methods that center on and embrace the core values of equity, justice, and inclusiveness - from diversity comes strength. A sustainable future workforce for the geosciences must be composed of, and ultimately led by, people of color, Native Americans, and immigrants. It must start now with this rising generation.

Through the Emerging Geoscience Scholars (EGS) model, 23 interns from traditionally underrepresented communities, disconnected youth, veterans, and transitional (unemployed or underemployed) people were engaged to investigate US infrastructure careers and share their findings as emerging professionals at a major geoscience conference, the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in New Orleans.


In doing so, the Interns:

● Built their knowledge base of “mission-critical” jobs in environmental infrastructure
● Networked with local and national professionals-including Bay Area employers.
● Gained an understanding of infrastructure career pathways and career-readiness
● Learned about the skills and training needed to qualify for these opportunities.

EGS Intern and Fellow Final Presentations
Please feel free to browse presentations and click on presenters' names to see their LinkedIn profile

At the Hyperion Water Reclimation Plant, Los Angeles, CA

Presented by:
Laura Gonzalez

Eduardo Garcia

Michelle Boralessa


Geoscience Careers and the Calpine Geothermal Power Facilities in Northern CA


Managing Surface and Groundwater at San Francisco Bay Area's Solid Waste Landfills

Presented by:

Damen Harrell

Alyanna Hughes

Sergio Jimenez

Fatma Monim

Sergio Morales


Generating and Distrubuting Safe Drinking Water from New Orleans' Corrolton Water Treatment

Presented by:

Amber Curtis

Brittany George

Nolen Lofton

Chloe Selby


Careers involved with protecting Treasure Island in SF Bay against seal level rise...

Presented by:

Khyrah Lattimore

Nicole Madey

Sergio Morales

Todd Satchell

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