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Connecting tomorrow's Environmental Leaders today

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Through the Environmental and Public Infrastructure Careers Network Program (EPIC Network) we create experiential learning and workforce development programs that connect aspirational youth and emerging professionals with a nationwide network of industry leaders in infrastructure, environment, engineering, operations, government and education, and community-based organizations.


Read our testimonials to see the impact of our work. 

We introduce students and emerging professionals to real-world careers through experiential learning programs and networking with practicing environmental and infrastructure professionals

We work with environmental , infrastructure employers and workforce leaders to fill 

mission-critical jobs while increasing workplace diversity.

We organize and run experiential learning programs at professional conferences thereby introducing a diverse audience and building the next generation of  practicing professionals

Demonstrated Success


 Our programs have already helped numerous emerging professionals achieve tangible career successes:

  • Exploratory interviews and actual employment

  • Acceptance into professional leadership development programs

  • Academic and industry scholarships 

  • Connections to mentors and mentees

  • Complimentary memberships to professional organizations 

  • Complimentary invitations to professional conferences 


Through their testimonials, people share their experiences in their own words. This is perhaps the best way to appreciate the true impact of our programs’ successes and outcomes.


“I really can’t put into words the amount of insight and knowledge that I gained from this entire experience. The education I received spans so many levels, from the practical and technical to the business and networking aspects of this vastly inclusive field. I will always remember this as an immeasurable help to me personally and as a guide during this pivotal turning point on my journey.”

- Andrew S. Emerging Scholar



With over 50 years of education and workforce development between them, Drew and Steven can help fulfill all of your sustainability workforce needs. 


 Contact: cell: 201-965-7739  (Pacific time) or at

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